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Our story is that of a company that loves to innovate, that is rooted in time yet lives the in present and above all, looks to the future. Starting in 1925 - the year of its founding - until today, we, the Pasqua family have never stopped evolving and exploring.

And so we asked ourselves: what’s the best way to keep our customers - and those who will soon be our customers - informed about news and curiosities from the wonderful world of wine, which is gaining more and more awareness among people of different ages and interests, just like our brand? The only possible answer was to inaugurate a section of this site entirely dedicated to this feature, our corporate blog.

This way, in addition to our much-followed social media channels, we’ll have another channel to reach our beloved audience, without which we could not have become what we are today. It’s another way to entertain yourself and satisfy your curiosity. With this blog we’ll always try to offer interesting and exciting content. We’ll take you behind the scenes and tell you about new labels, curiosities from the world of wine, events to not be missed, the recipes and lives of your favourite influencers, the chefs and sommeliers who have chosen Pasqua wines as valuable allies at their tables.

And we’ll do this in a constant and passionate way, since #passione is the common thread that joins our every initiative, from the research and creation of new labels to the launch of events in which we try to involve all of you who have always believed in us. And so we wish you a good read and we would like to take the opportunity, as always, to thank you for continuing to follow us and to promise to always offer you quality content.