Verona 04/04/2024 10min

For the 56th edition of Vinitaly, Pasqua Wines chooses the language of contemporary art to narrate the value of innovation and creativity in wine, with an itinerary that will unfold from the winery to the city.

Verona, 4 April 2024 – During Vinitaly, Pasqua Wines is offering wine-lovers an itinerary of tastings and art, open free to the public and entitled Sips of Art. When fine wine meets art, unfolding in several stages from the winery to the city from 12 to 20 April.

The Veronese winery, awarded the title of Innovator of The Year by Wine Enthusiast, is thus celebrating the values of innovation and creativity that inspire its wine projects, through three different artistic collaborations, two in the heart of the city and one held in one of the winery’s barriques.

The programme will be inaugurated on Friday 12 April from 6 to 8 p.m. with the presentation of the site-specific art installation ‘A Love Letter To Verona’ commissioned by the two Veneto-based companies Coin SpA and Pasqua Wines to the Italo-British artist Adalberto Lonardi, who has created an original three-dimensional effect setting, designed to make the Coin Excelsior shop windows interact with the wines of the Pasqua cellars.

The artwork is a tribute to the city of Verona and to wine, bringing to the stage the city’s most representative monuments, interacting with a goblet and the sense of community that gathers around it. In his works, the artist often highlights the value of relationships and the power of sociality. The public will be invited by the artist to participate actively in enriching the installation with messages and reflections dedicated to Verona.

A Love Letter To Verona evokes the declaration of love that the Pasqua family wrote for its city with the first, historic line of the Icons collection, which was PassioneSentimento. A wine that already concentrated those elements of innovation that the winery would develop over the years, such as producing a blend of Corvina and international grape varieties using the withering method, and the choice of the iconic label, a photograph of the wall covered with signatures and messages in the courtyard of Juliet’s house, a work by photographer Giò Martorana.

During the vernissage on Friday 12 April, the public can also taste the wines that interact with the artwork: 11 Minutes Rosé 2023, Cecilia Beretta Brognoligo Soave Classico 2022, PassioneSentimento Romeo&Juliet 2021. A Love Letter To Verona will remain open to the public throughout Vinitaly.

On Saturday 13 April, from 6 to 9 p.m. O F F I C I N A | Fiori / Casa / Eventi in Via Abramo Massalongo, 5c will host a solo exhibition by artist Enrico Mitrovich organised in collaboration with Pasqua Wines entitled Lunga Vita ai Fiori Recisi: a reflection and a provocation on the theme of obsolescence, the value of memory and their relationship with the concept of innovation (each element of innovation in itself makes the previous one senescent).

The works on display are part of two cycles of the artist’s production: Lunga Vita ai Fiori Recisi (Long live cut flowers), of course, and ScanDisk – scansione superficiale di una memoria fissa (superficial scanning of a fixed memory).

In the first cycle, the (cut) flowers form a still life and require the active participation of the observer and his or her gaze to stay ‘alive’ and be fixed in eternity. In the second cycle, the pictorial reinterpretation of the rudimentary graphic program interface – which entertained the user while scanning data storage media – explores the loss of meaning of the word memory, which is nowadays abused for often instrumental and ideological purposes. The term memory is not subjected to possible misunderstandings and disempowerment only in the IT sphere.

Enrico Mitrovich’s solo exhibition will be accompanied by tastings of 11 Minutes Rosé 2023, Cecilia Beretta Brognoligo Soave Classico 2022, PassioneSentimento Romeo&Juliet 2021.

On Sunday 14 April, at 7 p.m. and by invitation only, the vernissage of Onirica () will be held, a site-specific installation commissioned by Pasqua Wines to fuse* and hosted in the evocative setting of one of the winery’s barriques in San Felice Extra. An audiovisual artwork that investigates the topic of the dream as the germ from which every innovative process takes life. The artwork explores the realm of dreams using synthetic language to interpret the creative power of the human mind during sleep.

The public can access the premises of the winery while admiring the work in one of the barriques for the first time, from Monday 15 to Saturday 20 April from 12 noon to 9 p.m. in Via Belvedere 135 in Verona.

A further form of give-back to the community, with the cellar doors open to the city. For the first time, a site-specific work commissioned by Pasqua Wines and housed inside the winery is open to the public throughout the week.

On Monday 15 April, at 12.30 p.m. by invitation only, Carte Blanche, six innovative whites from around the globe, a special masterclass – hosted by Jeff Porter, writer at large of Wine Enthusiast – with blind tastings of six reference wines that have changed the very face of white wine, will take place. Pasqua Wines is among the wineries to participate in the blind tasting. The masterclass will be held in Sala VIA at Wine2Digital, on the first floor of Palaexpo at Verona Fiere.