Verona 11/04/2022 6min

A journey through Valpolicella to discover the different expressions of the region’s main variety.

On the occasion of Vinitaly, the Veronese winery has dedicated a special event on Monday 11 April to one of the grape varieties that most contributes to defining the style and character of its wines. Understanding the terroir, work in the vineyard and innovative winemaking techniques make this possible


In creating a great wine, it is the dialogue established between man, vineyard and environment that allows the complexity of a grape variety to be developed to its fullest. Only by relating it to the territory in which it is grown can its many expressive nuances be appreciated.

On the occasion of Vinitaly, on Monday 11 April, 6 pm at Palazzo Maffei House Museum, Pasqua Wines has dedicated a masterclass to Corvina, the great interpreter of Veronese terroirs. The winery, which has deep roots in Valpolicella and whose constant striving for innovation is its stylistic hallmark, has created this special in-depth study of the variety’s versatility, in relation to the area in which it grows.

Corvina has always been recognised for its elegance and finesse, which lend structure and great expressiveness to the wines made from it. Corvina is a fundamental ingredient in the Pasqua Wines winemaking equation: from the most experimental Amarone to the Valpolicella classico and the Rosé, the winery succeeds in expressing all the richness of this grape variety thanks first to the work in the vineyard and then to the art of blending, confirming a savoir-faire that has been successfully handed down for almost a century.

To ensure that the contribution of Corvina is always functional and balanced in the wine being created (whether rosé or the light reds of Lake Garda or the more structured Amarone della Valpolicella), the Pasqua Wines team first begins by studying and understanding the terroir in which the vineyard is located.

The analysis of the main areas in which the winery is active in the harvesting of Corvina is precisely the focus of the masterclass the masterclass held by Pasqua Wines Operation Manager, Giovanni Nordera, together with Cecilia Pasqua, with the moderation of the journalist Alessandro Torcoli.

Four areas are surveyed, associated with the wines – in whose blends the contribution of Corvina plays a fundamental role – that have represented the most interesting evolution in wine making practices expressed by Pasqua Wines.

The first is that of Lake Garda, whose morainic soils offer high soil fertility and whose winemaking practices lead to the creation of Chiaretto di Bardolino and Bardolino Rosso; In this case, Corvina is part of the blend from which 11 Minutes originates, the first expression of the Pasqua Wines project dedicated to the world of rosé and which has revolutionised the style of vinification of this wine.

The second is that of the Valpolicella classica: endowed with discreet fertility and scarce availability of water. Here the average production is considerably reduced, but the levels of maturation are increased. As a result, wines of greater value in terms of structure, concentration and alcohol content can be obtained, while retaining elegance and finesse. Representing this specific area and the characteristics expressed here by Corvina, participants in the masterclass will be able to taste the Valpolicella Terre di Cariano Cecilia Beretta.

The third is that of the Valpantena area. Although it has similar hydrogeological characteristics to the classic Valpolicella, the conformation of the valley leads to higher summer temperatures and a smaller temperature range between day and night. This influences the character of the resulting wines: great expressive power, higher alcohol content and more intense colour, excellent maturation of tannins and a fair degree of finesse. The Corvina that originates here is shown in the blend of both Valpolicella Mizzole Cecilia Beretta and Valpolicella and Amarone Cascina San Vincenzo Famiglia Pasqua, the organic line of the Verona winery.

Last is the Val d’Illasi, where the Montevegro vineyard gives rise to the most powerful expression of the Amarone wines by Famiglia Pasqua, Mai Dire Mai. The Corvina grown here is full-bodied, with a tannic structure that on average requires a much longer period of maturation in the cellar than wines from neighbouring areas. In combination with the area, of course, Valpolicella and Amarone from the Mai Dire Mai collection.