London 30/05/2024 6 min

Gallery group show of four early-acclaimed “eco-artists” celebrates experimentation and process innovation, relentlessly pushing boundaries to unlock “eco-consciousness”.

Ahead of its centenary Pasqua Wines continues its mission to support and excite young adults through sensorial art experiences – and its innovative expression, Hey French, and its organic wine, Y by 11 Minutes.

Running from 24th May to 28th July 2024, Metamorphosis: Innovation in Eco Photography & Film at Saatchi Gallery is an exhibition showcasing the work of four award-winning photographers and filmmakers who are breaking ground in their practices of eco-conscious photography and film. Almudena Romero, Edd Carr, Hannah Fletcher and Scott Hunter were each selected on the strength of their innovative and unconventional approaches and early critical acclaim as emerging artists.

Metamorphosis: Innovation in Eco Photography & Film elevates Pasqua Wines’ longstanding commitment with the arts to an international stage. Since 2018, the company has invested approx-imately 5.1 million euros in collaborations with artists and patronage programmes related to the art world. To date, the winery has realised over 20 collaborations with creators and multi-media artists such as the site-specific art installation Onirica (), with art studio fuse*, in which an AI-created ex-periential dream map was revealed to coincide with Vinitaly wine fair last month, and then gifted to the city of Verona as part of its Sips of Art programme.

Pasqua Wines’ engagement with Metamorphosis reflects the inherent creativity and innovation of the brand which, ahead of its centennial year in 2025, was awarded the coveted “Innovator of the Year” Award by Wine Enthusiast Magazine for a series of remarkable evolutions in the wine indus-try. The award recognized Pasqua’s longstanding investment in experimentation and as a “labora-tory of research” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine and is the result of three generations of steward-ship by the Pasqua family.

Riccardo Pasqua, CEO, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Saatchi Gallery to prompt this show, underscoring our cross-generational commitment to innovation, creativity and unconven-tional approaches. Each of the four emerging “eco-artists” participating in Metamorphosis demon-strate what we have always believed to be true – that through experimentation and pushing boundaries we can unlock progress.

“This international collaboration builds on Pasqua’s strong heritage of arts patronage, its commit-ment to making art accessible to the public and its unique belief that innovation is born from a pro-found, appreciative knowledge of history and tradition. We believe that creativity needs to be culti-vated with love and care, just like the land.

“Pasqua Wines has spent almost a century creatively innovating the future of wine production and unlocking eco-consciousness and making impact continues to be vital. We couldn’t be more de-lighted with this pairing.”

Majestic Wine, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer, stocks both the ’11 Minutes’ rosé and the ‘Y by 11 Minutes’ rosé. The 2023 new vintage of 11 Minutes will be available to buy in-store and online from June onwards. A total of 16 Pasqua wines are now sold at the award-winning wine re-tailer across its network of 209 stores across the UK and Jersey, as well as online.

Londoners interested in discovering more about Pasqua Wines can also visit Jeroboams for a free in-store tasting session celebrating their partnership with Saatchi Gallery. Tastings will be held in Jeroboams’ King’s Road store from 5pm – 8pm on the 31st May, 4th June, or 6th June.