Verona 14/06/2022 5min

The winery has also contributed in 2022 to the Fondazione Arena fundraising campaign for the symbolic reconstruction of the columns of the arena


A new act of love for their own city, expressed through support for its symbolic monument, the Arena.

Pasqua Wines, the winery founded almost a century ago in Verona, which it represents throughout the world with its collection of wines, has renewed its participation in 2022 in “67 colonne per l’Arena di Verona”, a Fundraising and Corporate Membership project launched in 2021 by the Fondazione Arena to symbolically rebuild 67 columns of the outer walls of the arena, collapsed in the earthquake of 1117.

The campaign, which last year raised over one and a half million euros in just one month, involved a virtuous network of entrepreneurs, companies and trade associations all united in preserving and protecting a heritage not only of the city but of of the whole community, and which every year attracts opera enthusiasts from all over the world.

Among the first companies to support the project – since its beginning – was also Pasqua Wines, with its special relationship with art and the city of Verona, as evidenced by the numerous initiatives developed also in collaboration with the city institutions, not least the site-specific artistic installation AMYGDALA .n on the façade of the historic Palazzo Maffei and presented on the occasion of the most recent Vinitaly. This is why, again in 2022, Pasqua Wines has decided to confirm its support for the initiative.

Thanks to the aims expressed by the recovery project, “67 colonne per l’Arena di Verona” was first chosen as a finalist and then winner of the VI competition “Progetto Art Bonus dell’anno”, created in 2016 by Ales S.p.A (company responsible for the management and promotion program of Art Bonus on behalf of the Ministry of Culture) in collaboration with Promo PA Fondazione – LuBeC.

“With our wines we strive every day to best represent Verona and Italy in the world,” said Umberto Pasqua, President of Pasqua Wines, “but it is also our duty to take care of the heritage of beauty and culture that surrounds us, which is part of our history and defines our identity”.

CEO Riccardo Pasqua, added: “Art and wine have many commonalities because they employ universal expressive codes that are based on emotion and experience. The Arena di Verona is an incredible place, where you can experience in an extraordinary way the magic of an excellence that the whole world envies us for, the Opera. It was therefore natural for us to decide to support this project from the beginning and to reconfirm our participation again this year: our hope is that over time the commitment we are carrying out can become increasingly shared.”

The inauguration of the 2022 opera season inside the Roman amphitheatre will be held on June 17 with the premiere of a legendary opera, Carmen by Georges Bizet, which will also be attended by the patrons who supported the project and to which the winery will dedicate a special evening.