Verona 15/04/2024 4 min

To mark Vinitaly, Pasqua Wines continues to convey its commitment to innovation also through the languages mediated by contemporary art.
The winery has commissioned fuse* to create a site-specific edition of the Onirica () installation for one of its barrique cellars: an unprecedented viewpoint on the creative power of dreams through the eyes of new technologies.
The installation will be open to the public from 15 to 20 April, from 12 noon to 9 pm.

Verona, 14 April 2024 – After two extremely valuable artistic projects presented at the previous editions of Vinitaly, Pasqua Wines decided to entrust fuse* with the realisation of a highly symbolic artistic project, one that translates through the codes of contemporary art the value that, today more than ever, defines the DNA of the company: the ability to innovate.

The creative force of human thought takes shape and expresses itself without logical conditioning in the various phases that accompany the dream, that same creativity that is the engine that ignites the innovative processes behind the Pasqua Wines projects. The winery celebrates the dream, which precedes the genesis of innovation, with a dedicated installation.

Onirica () an installation designed by fuse* takes shape out of the digital processing of the places and voices populating our visions in the dream (it is currently on show in the exhibitions ‘Ventanas al futuro’ at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid and ‘Hello, Human!’ at MoCa in Taipei) here in a site-specific edition for the barrique cellar of the winery (located in Località San Felice Extra), open to the public from 15 to 20 April, thus rendering the Pasqua family’s wish to return to Verona even more evident, in an ideal interaction from the winery to the city.

Onirica () is an audiovisual work that brings an intimate and intangible dimension such as the dream into the domain of the visible, investigating it from an unprecedented point of view, that of technology. Onirica () sets itself out as a modern ‘interpretation of dreams’, where the synthetic stream of consciousness finds its ultimate form in the dialogue between human being and machine, creator, and instrument.

The work stems from two dream banks, at the University of Bologna and the University of California Santa Cruz, with a total of 28,748 oneiric testimonies collected.

The complexity of the data was analysed using a Machine Learning model in order to recognise and index recurring themes and conceptual or semantic connections linking dreams that are also distant in time and space. This model associates each of these dreams with a point on a dream map in three and two dimensions.

Onirica () develops through a dynamic succession of visualisations closely resembling that of our mind while we dream. A generative text-to-image diffusion model underpins the visual evolution of the artwork: each of the 30 dreams selected by the University of Bologna was divided into paragraphs, sentences and scenes that were then processed by a Large Language Model, which extracted the structure and visual information included in the individual dream reports. The drafting of prompts with precise narrative and subject descriptions then directed the model towards a visual translation of the dream.

The sound of Onirica () traces the ideal dream pattern. The voices interpreting the dream narratives are created by means of a text-to-audio generative model based on artificial intelligence, for which extensive work on the generation and selection of results was necessary.

Pasqua Wines CEO, Riccardo Pasqua, commented: ‘We look at all forms in which creativity expresses itself, such as art, as a source of inspiration and a place for research, and then with a fresh look we translate this into our projects. To welcome a work of such great artistic value into the heart of the winery, in one of our two barrique cellars, is important and significant for us.
Innovation is the stylistic feature that distinguishes our projects, and it is by shaping dreams in concrete form that it is possible to generate innovation. Onirica () perfectly translates our spirit and allows us to share it with anyone interested during the most important week for Italian wine, Vinitaly.’


Onirica ()
Pasqua Wines – Via Belvedere, 135 – Località San Felice Extra (VR)
Open to the public: 15-20 April from 12 to 7 pm
Vernissage: Sunday 14 April at 7 pm