Verona 10/10/2023 2 min

The Veronese winery participates in a rich program of events in its strategic markets.

Creating a dialogue with original partners and entrusting them with interpreting the winery’s values through the powerful tool of visual art has been, for several years, how Pasqua Wine affirms its identity in the world of wine.

After collaborating with Italian and international artists including the NONE collective from Rome and fuse* which have had several works commissioned over the years, Pasqua Wines further strengthens its connection with the visual arts by entering directly in places where art is naturally found: art galleries, museums and dedicated events.

After participating in London Design Week in September, as a toast of the party organized by MOLTENI&C|DADA, Pasqua Wines will play a lead role at Frieze London, the contemporary art exhibition to be held from 11 to 15 October.

The Veronese winery will in fact be a guest of the Italian Embassy in London, with which it will synergistically collaborate in a rich schedule of events.

On the occasion of Frieze, the Embassy hosts the exhibition “Conversation Piece”, curated by Sofia Gotti.

The most important event is the talk, which will be held on 12 October at the Ambassador’s residence in London, entitled “Investing in Art: The Private Sector’s Role in Nurturing Creativity”. Pasqua Wines CEO Riccardo Pasqua and Mattia Carretti, Director and Co-founder of fuse*, at Frieze with his own collection at the Bright Moments gallery, will discuss the topic. Sole 24Ore journalist Nicole Degli Innocenti will moderate.

From London to Verona: Pasqua Wines will participate in ArtVerona, from 13 to 15 October. Re-establishing the collaboration with the NONE collective, creator of SUPERFLUO, the transmedia exhibition at Palazzo del Capitanio, at the centre of the installation is the usefulness of the useless stemming from the awareness that man is nourished by emotions, which make his existence more pleasurable, hic et nunc. The transmedia exhibition invites us to overcome our prejudice against the useless, the superfluous .

The press vernissage will be held at 19:00 on 12 October, then the exhibition will remain open to the public from 13 to 15 October from 11:00 to 22:00.

From Verona, Pasqua Wines then travels overseas to enter the temple of contemporary art, the MoMa of New York: on 12 October president of Pasqua USA, Alessandro Pasqua will host a special masterclass led by Master of Wine, Christy Canterbury (seventh woman to obtain this recognition in the States), dedicated to one of the most representative grapes of Valpolicella and Pasqua Wines, Corvina.

Riccardo Pasqua, CEO of Pasqua Wines, commented, “For seven years, the winery’s vision has found perfect synthesis in the language of contemporary art: a relationship that enriches us every time with new and surprising ideas, which push us to overcome the barriers of the usual, of the already known and to dare more and more. It was therefore a natural consequence to open up to scenes considered unorthodox for a winery, but which reinforce the unconventional positioning of Pasqua Wines. We are therefore happy to be able to take centre stage in places and events that represent ideal spaces for the expression of our identity.”