A summer morning with Francesca

She prepares a summer recipe for us and we take her out to lunch!


Francesca Guatteri, founder of the blog Vivere per Raccontarla, is definitely one of the smartest and most enjoyable people with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating. On social media she shares many moments of her life, but we decided to intrude in her home to see how she is spending one of these hot summer mornings in Milan.

Francesca, who describes herself as an "exhausted but happy" mother, just woke up her beautiful twins Giulia and Vittoria. School has been out for a while, so our blogger isn’t sure how to entertain her girls, having gone through all sorts of games and outings. And then we arrived: "Francesca, make a summer recipe with them!" And so they did, and it was great fun. Giulia and Vittoria are adorable and very cooperative, very meticulous. The recipe? A fresh and light finger food suitable as a mid-morning snack, when it’s 30 degrees outside: watermelon, feta and basil skewers. Very simple to prepare, but guarantees colour at the table for an outdoor brunch or, precisely, to entertain two little girls during summer vacation. And who wants to spend too much time at the stove?



Since we have invited ourselves, we certainly can’t show up empty-handed. And so, from the cooler bag we take out a nice bottle of 11 Minutes at the right temperature (10 - 12°C), we uncork it and serve it to ourselves and Francesca - obviously not to the girls! Our rosé, with its right acidity, goes perfectly with the feta of the skewers and the intense pink colour of the watermelon. And the wine’s spicy notes of Syrah seem perfect for the basil. It couldn’t be better if we had tried! We can talk about beautiful synergy and complicity, values of which our friend has always been a big fan.



As the name of her blog says, Francesca loves to live life to the fullest, so she tries to never deprive herself of pleasant experiences. For this reason and since the mid-morning snack has already given way to a certain languor and the girls are going to their grandmother's for lunch, we drag her to one of our - and we also discovered her - favourite restaurants to live a more unique than rare moment in its pleasantness: an excellent lunch in blissful solitude. We take her to Besame Mucho (Viale della Liberazione 15, in Milan), to enjoy a dish of the best Mexican cuisine in the city. Francesca is on cloud nine. Quality food, background music, no cell phone. A real relaxing break from her many daily commitments. What's more, accompanied by a glass of Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso Cecilia Beretta, on the Mexican restaurant’s wine menu. The wine is "ripassato" on the used skins of Amarone to give it more intense aromas and more structure and longevity. An intense red colour, it has an ample nose with definite aromas of cherry, blueberry and currant followed by notes of liquorice and roasting. Rich, warm and soft on the palate, with "chocolate" tannins, well-balanced and persistent. Ideal for the dish created by the chef and enjoyed by Francesca: Enmoladas of Mole Negro, the king of the Oaxaca mole. Made with more than 30 ingredients. The dish is composed of ingredients of different origins. Burrata, crème fraîche, sesame seeds, coriander, red onion, Sardinian pecorino and corn tortilla.

With Francesca we had fun and we hope she enjoyed herself too. Follow her, if you don’t already, on her Instagram account @vivere_per_raccontarla.