We get to know Milan and one of its special insiders: Chiara Cazzamali

Founder of the blog Megliounpostobello


Milan is one of our favourite cities, maybe even our second home. The reasons are understandable: Milan is elegant, glamorous, up to date. Milan is not one of those cities that is immediately seen as beautiful in the eyes of visitors. To discover its beauty you have to be curious and open to going hunting for the many hidden nooks known only to locals.
For this we often look for the valuable advice of a very special insider, Chiara Cazzamali, founder of the blog “Meglio un posto bello”.
Chiara, tell us a little bit about who you are and how "Meglio un posto bello" came about
I'm Milanese, 45 years old, a mom, a former head hunter in the financial sector, a wannabe journalist, a person of habit who writes from morning to night, everywhere.
Megliounpostobello was created in 2016, first as an Instagram page and then as a blog.
It seems like a lifetime ago, but in reality, it's only been three years. 
Megliounpostobello was started because I realized that in my everyday life and also in my personal social media activity I was always looking for a small place, reason, moment that was beautiful.
I also realized that I was always taking pictures with one characteristic: no people.
So I thought I'd rationalize everything in a container.
That's how my Megliounpostobello was born, the dream I decided to live. It's my passion that has become a profession. It's certainly the first job of my life I'd do day and night without ever getting tired, if only I could.

Do you think you have a knack for finding beautiful places? Do friends often ask you for advice?
Yes, friends ask me for advice so often that I confess that sometimes I would like to pretend to not exist! Actually, beauty is subjective, but I think I have a talent for finding the beauty of a place wherever I happen to be. That is always there.
What is your favourite city in Italy and abroad?
I'd say New York, always and forever.
In Italy, it may sound obvious, but the city closest to my heart is and remains Milan.
What's so special about Milan that other cities in Italy don't have?
Milan has always been for me life, movement, inspiration.
Milan is my family, my past, my future.
In recent years it’s become fashionable to love it, and easy I would say.
Years ago it was less so, but for me it has always been my city, the only one I can imagine living in.
The place in Milan closest to your heart? Tell the readers of our blog.
Green in Milan is a thorny topic. There isn’t much, or at least until a few years ago there wasn’t. The truth is that Milan has hidden gardens and secret places, sometimes behind closed doors, but often public.
Even in winter, I love to sit on the benches to warm up if it's sunny, to people-watch, to think and write.
I especially love doing that at the Aristide Calderini Garden, behind the Catholic University, a secret garden that I have always gone to. In the midst of Roman ruins, the past that I love so much and without which we cannot understand the present.

Where are we taking you to lunch today?
If you want to make me happy, to "Bistrò" at Corso Magenta 9.
Bistrò is a beautiful dining in the centre of Milan and has included Pasqua on its special wine list. It has a unique ambience that invites you to taste the carefully prepared dishes. It's casual and welcoming. The menu is versatile for all tastes and desires, satisfying those in a hurry, those who want something delicious, those who are looking for a place to discuss work or who are treating themselves to a romantic dinner.
Why is this your one of your favourite places in Milan?
It's a place I love because it reminds me a lot of French bistros.
I love hanging out in the bar, just like the French, staying there for hours, drinking coffee or wine depending on the time, working if possible. This place makes me feel like I’m on vacation.
It is also located in the area I love the most in Milan, the one where I grew up, near the beautiful church of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, the ruins of the Roman Circus and Imperial Palace, the old Milan of Via Morigi.
Do you often have lunch on your own?
I love having lunch and even dinner alone.
I'm not afraid to go to restaurants and bars alone, in fact I love it. Because alone, or rather in my own company, I'm fine, I taste wine and food without necessarily having to engage in conversation. I treat myself to nice times.
You paired Amarone Cecilia Beretta with the Bistrò chef's cutlet. What do you think creates a good marriage between a dish and a wine?
Unfortunately, I am a bit biased because I’m crazy about red wine, Amarone in particular, which I also drink with fish dishes.
So, in my opinion, a good marriage between a wine and a dish can happen according to the only possible rule in a marriage: love.