Have you ever heard of Bone Marrow?

You will after you read this article, perhaps in the while enjoying a glass of wine


Beef marrow has long been used in many of the world’s culinary traditions, for its taste, texture and nutritional value.
Rich in fat and protein, it has a delicate taste reminiscent of hazelnut, slightly sweet, and with an extraordinary texture that literally melts in the mouth.
The possible recipes based on bone marrow are many, just think of the Milanese ossobuco. Lately there are restaurants including marrow on the menu in its most authentic version: served with almost the entire bone, its natural container.


One of these places is The Brisket, a Texas-style Smokehouse on the Navigli in Milan. The restaurant was created from a concept by Lucas Durini, partner and chef of the restaurant, who after spending a long period of time in Texas decided to bring this culinary culture to Milan. A place definitely made for meat lovers, but more generally, for those who love excellent cuisine. On the menu, The Brisket has Bone Marrow, the soft marrow of Italian beef served inside its bone, prepared au gratin for crunchiness. Pasqua wines are on the restaurant's wine list, so Lucas was inspired by the Valpolicella DOC Superiore Mizzole Cecilia Beretta 2017 to give an additional twist to his Bone Marrow, dedicating it especially to this label.
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Bone Marrow with Angus tartare
An Italian calf bone cut in half, topped with classic breading for a crispy au gratin preparation. And the chef's touch: an Argentinian Angus beef fillet tartare with orange juice, mustard and spicy oil.
The dish is extremely balanced and stimulating on several levels. To eat with a spoon, experimenting with the combination of different textures and flavours.
Valpolicella Superiore Mizzole di Cecilia Beretta is perfect with this recipe because its structure supports intense flavours such as that of marrow and the strong taste of the Angus tartare.