Valpolicella Superiore Mizzole, Cecilia Beretta's workhorse by PasquaWines

The perfect wine for this season


Although we are a company that looks to the world, Pasqua loves our territory: Verona and Valpolicella. Our enchanting hills, north-west of Verona, have always been appreciated for the richness of the soil and for viticulture since Roman times.
Have you asked yourself why the Valpolicella red wine - a DOC - bears this name? It is because of our wine-growing area that gives life especially to three varieties: Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Molinara. The etymology is uncertain, probably a mix of Latin and Greek roots that would mean “the valley of many wineries”.
Many varieties of wine are produced from these vines.
Among these, Valpolicella Superiore, obtained from grapes grown strictly in the area (as per the regulations), is at least one year old and has an alcohol content of at least 12%.



Cecilia Beretta, the brand by PasquaWines born in 1980 and pride of Famiglia Pasqua, offers a selection of wines that exalt the varietal characteristics, produced with grapes from the vineyards in the Valpolicella and Soave areas. Cecilia Beretta, has her own workhorse called Mizzole, the Valpolicella Superiore label we are very proud of. Bright colour with coral gold reflections, with intense aromas of marasca cherry, wild berries and hints of toasting. Soft on the palate, it is supported by a freshness that makes is pleasant and balanced.
The vineyard from which we obtain the grapes to make the Mizzole is located in the area bearing the same name, 200 meters above sea level cultivated with the guyot technique and under conversion to organic farming. After soft crushing, the grapes are left to macerate on the skins for 8-10 hours. After that, fermentation at a controlled temperature continues for about ten days. After fermentation and a partial cleaning, the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in steel tanks. The character of this wine is formed in the next step, in which 55% of the product is transferred to oak barriques (30% new wood), where it matures for about nine months. The rest matures in steel.
This season is the best time to taste it, because the Mizzole Valpolicella Superiore is perfect with some tasty first courses typical of autumn and our Veneto region: risotto with porcini mushrooms, Treviso radicchio, bigoli, red meats and mature cheeses.