11 Minutes for this summer

Our rosé is suitable for every season. Have you tried it yet this summer?


They say it just takes a few minutes, sometimes, to fall in love. Especially in summer, when everything is more fun, the days are long and hearts are open to romance.

Just like love, it also takes a few minutes, just 11 minutes, for our rosé wine to become what it is. In fact, it is 11 minutes that the skins of the Corvina, Trebbiano di Lugana, Syrah and Carménère grapes remain in contact with the must, extracting the noblest parts of these vines and the slight pinkish tones that characterize this wine. 11 Minutes, in fact.

A trend now widespread throughout the world has ended the stereotype that rosé is a "seasonal" wine, only suitable for the mild temperatures of the year. Some rosés have a structure, a body, a depth that makes them suitable even for autumn evenings. We can’t but agree, and we think: what could be better than a fine glass of our 11 Minutes on a cool summer evening, when the colour of the sunset blends with that of the wine, perhaps accompanied by a fish dish or some cold appetizers? Served chilled, between 10 and 12°C.

If 11 Minutes has not already won your heart, it will do so very soon. The floral aromas and acidity of the Corvina, the depth of the Trebbiano, the spicy notes of the Syrah and the structure of the Carménère create an enveloping blend with an intense bouquet that have made it one of our most appreciated bottles. Not only taste and aroma, appearance matters as well. The mask design of the label and the back label, the fine decorations, the transparency of the glass and the colour of the wine make it an elegant and delicate presence at tables set in the garden.

Is 11 Minutes a summer-only wine? Of course not, but we have taken advantage of this wonderful season to get to know it better!