Transmedia exhibition from NONE COLLECTIVE

October 13 – 15, 2023 from 11 to 10 pm
Palazzo del Capitanio, Verona, Entrance: Piazza Indipendenza

“Man’s primary necessity is the superfluous.“ – Albert Einstein

What is a necessity? Most certainly meeting basic needs, but then what?
Very often it is the lightest of things, apparently of no use, that makes us happy. It is here then, that we have a contradiction in terms of the usefulness of the useless.

This installation overrides preconceptions and serves as an incentive to take another look at the concept of the superfluous. The usefulness of the useless derives from taking stock of the fact that man feeds on emotions, and it is these emotions that characterize mankind the most.

The superfluous is everything that gives sense to the moment, to the here and now, that which makes existence pleasurable.
Like wine, art flows through our subconscious and graces a deeper level of reason, or better said, feelings.
Logic will not suffice, as there are no objective parameters to measure emotions.

Usefulness, meaning and purpose are not sufficient to explain man.
Emotions, knowledge, art, and luxury are necessities that begin when necessity ends.
And so we appreciate the transient, the useless, and the superfluous.


The exhibition winds its way through two rooms in the Palazzo del Capitanio. The first part of the exhibition greets visitors and introduces its theme through the display of works and videos that generate iridescent super-fluids.

In the second room, visitors find themselves inside a site specific art installation. The immersive work is composed of a multi-screen projection that fills the ceiling with bioluminescent organisms. The center of the room is host to a canvas where a light laser, in among the superfluous worlds, also conjures up the world of wine.

The installation forces the visitor to abandon traditional visual and auditory points of reference to immerge themselves in an imaginative and superfluous world and live the contradiction in terms of the usefulness of the useless.



Eolo Zero1

Print on backlit acrylic glass.


Eolo Zero2



A close working relationship between the Rome collective and the Verona winery has grown over the years through numerous immersive art projects. The works interpret Pasqua’s value-driven world of creativity and innovation.

After the critical acclaim received for Falling Dreams, an installation dedicated to dreams and the future, NONE collective returns to Verona on invitation from the winery. This time they bring the transmedia exhibition SUPERFLUO, commissioned for ArtVerona.