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Y By 11 Minutes

This rosé is the result of the elegant blend of two indigenous varieties, Corvina and Trebbiano di Lugana, and one international variety, the Carmenère. The red grapes are vinified after a very gentle pressing, the white grape of Trebbiano undergoes a light maceration on the skin for 8-10 hours.
The must is chilled and transferred in steel tanks, where it remains enough time to separate the solid parts from liquid. Alcoholic fermentation follows at a temperature between 13° and 16° C. We keep monitoring the alcoholic fermentation on a daily basis; 10% of the blend finished the alcoholic fermentation in new tonneaux of French oak, medium toasted, while of the remaining part, 30% of the blend is matured for 4 months in French oak barrique and tonneaux of second use.

Tasting Notes
Y by 11 Minutes is a rosé of complexity and freshness, structure and elegance, fruits and richness on the palate, like two opposits that can live perfectly in harmony even though they are very different from one another.
Corvina is the main grape in the blend, it offers acidity and red fruits character. Trebbiano offers delicate aromas of citrus fruits and white flower, gives elegance and length on the mid palate.
Finally, Carmenère gives the wine a good structure and the distinctive backbone. Delicate notes of vanilla and toasted aromas are given by the alcoholic fermentation carried out in oak, offering a complex rosé wine that shows notes typically recognised as evolution.

Food Matching Ideas
Pasta with burrata and vegetable; fish either grilled or in the oven, white and delicate meat dishes, like roast chicken or veal. Good match also with delicate goat or cows’ milk cheeses.

Size 0.75 l.

Alcohol 13% vol