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Sangiovese Puglia IGT

We are in the heel of the “Boot” of Italy, in Puglia, where Sangiovese expresses distinctive characteristics compared to other Italian Regions, thanks to the strength of the sunlight and the high temperatures during the ripening period. Its colour is very deep and the aromas on the nose are of rich, ripe fruit. This red wine is characterized by soft tannins and notes of red fruits and blackberries on the palate; it is velvety and long on the finish.

Intense ruby red colour, a full-bodied wine with intense fruity perfumes, with soft, supple tannins and a long finish.

Food Pairings 
Excellent with typical Mediterranean specialities such as rich pasta dishes, and grilled red meat.
To be served at 16-18 °C.

Size  0.75 l.

Alcohol 12 % vol.