Pasqua House of the

The Pasqua family has entrusted the task of creating its Manifesto to the mastery of Italian artist Giuseppe Ragazzini. The artistic work describes the innovative soul of the winery, the vision of its future, the passion for its history. Created using a unique “ink” that conveys a special body to the words of the Manifesto: Amarone Famiglia Pasqua.

Giuseppe Ragazzini's artwork, the Pasqua House of the Unconventional Manifesto, will be unveiled in Piazza delle Erbe in Verona on 11th February.

Giuseppe Ragazzini

Pittore, Painter, illustrator, visual artist, a visionary.
Born in London in 1978, Giuseppe has distinguished himself in Italy and abroad thanks to his unconventional artwork. He has developed an original animation and pictorial metamorphosis technique over the years.
He has taken part in important Italian and international performances thanks to his video-scenes and pictorial projections.