Pasqua Vini presents “AMYGDALA .n”, a site-specific installation at Palazzo Maffei, that creates a dialogue between Verona and the world

Art installation by fuse*
Commissioned by Pasqua Wines
In collaboration with Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo
Curated by Reasoned Art




On the occasion of Vinitaly 2022, fuse* studio presents AMYGDALA .n, a real-time generative artwork commissioned by Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine. The artwork reaches the Scaliger city with the aim of creating a dialogue between the city of Verona and the rest of the world. The artists were inspired by the history and characteristics of Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo, and translated into a real-time generative data installation from Twitter that wants to be a tribute to the entire city.

AMYGDALA .n, is a reinterpretation of the original project AMYGDALA, presented for the first time in 2016 on the occasion of the exhibition FLUX-UX at CUBO (Bologna, IT) and later at Artechouse (Washington DC, US) and Georgia Tech Arts (Atlanta, US).




Stimulating Thought, Sensitivity, and Imagination

Founded in 2007, fuse* is a multidisciplinary art studio that focuses on exploring the expressive possibilities of digital technologies, aiming to interpret the complexity of human, social, and natural phenomena. Since its origin, the studio’s research has focused primarily on producing installations and live media performances to deeply engage the audience by amplifying the narrative's emotional impact.

Throughout the years the studio evolved and the new projects became more holistic, placing an increasingly higher value on pure experimentation and bringing works that can inspire people, suspend the ordinary and stimulate thought, sensitivity, and imagination.




The Union Between Emotions and Technology

Within contemporary society, global-scale events that impact the entire planet's population and consequently affect everyone’s life are increasingly frequent. Thanks to the interconnections enabled by the spread of the Internet and all the devices that use it, a traumatic event, or at least a significant one, can have a profound worldwide impact.

The artwork by fuse* and entitled AMYGDALA .n is a clear reference to the part of the human brain that develops and processes past emotions and memories. The work aims to interpret the state of mind of the most significant possible human sample as if it were a single living organism continuously developing.




A Real-Time Generative Data Installation

At a rate of about 300 tweets per second, a text analysis device processes words collected from a dictionary of more than 5000 vocabularies, organizing emotions into six categories: happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, astonishment, and rage. The final result is a generative audio-visual artwork that collects and interprets content shared online by users through an algorithm of sentiment analysis.

Therefore, AMYGDALA .n comes as a reflection of the possibilities and, at the same time, risks that arise from the production of a continuous flow of information that anyone can make use of, thanks to the constant connectivity of the Internet.



Reasoned Art
Reasoned Art is the first Italian gallery dedicated to crypto art, which is digital art certified and sold via blockchain technology and NFTs. Reasoned Art’s goal is to create a bridge between the traditional art world and the emerging crypto art ecosystem, adopting an onlife approach that combines tradition with innovation. Reasoned Art selects the best digital artists from all over the world, organizes and curates exhibitions to bring value to their creations, and manages the selling process both in the primary and secondary market through its platform.


Palazzo Maffei House Museum
With an eclectic collection of masterpieces and curiosities, the Casa Museo Palazzo Maffei offers visitors an exhibition itinerary with a "dual soul", both ancient and modern and great expressions of the dialogue between an extraordinarily interesting art collection, the result of over fifty years of Luigi Carlon's passion for collecting, and the atmosphere of one of Verona's most spectacular seventeenth-century buildings. The amazing collection contains over 500 works, from Greco-Roman to contemporary art, including paintings, sculptures and an important selection of applied art objects (period and design furniture, antique glass, Renaissance ceramics and 17th and 18th century majolica, as well as silver, ivories, wooden artefacts, pieces of oriental art and rare books) displayed in 27 rooms. Among the great artists exhibited: Picasso, Magritte, Warhol, Kandinsky, Ernst, Duchamp, Van Wittel, Canova, de Chirico, Zenone Veronese, Balla, Boccioni, Altichiero, Mantegna, Turchi, Morandi, Fontana, Burri, Cattelan and many others.